About Copenhagen Open

What is Copenhagen Open?

Its hundreds of children, youhts, juniors, seniors and masters athletes, thousands of starts and a lot of competition and good experiences!

We will open our doors every year in the middle of june and can offer more track and field events in all age groups compared to other similar events. The Copenhagen Open track and field event is attractive to all groups; elite as well as the broader, young and masters.

We will LIVE stream from our event in to entertain relatives, coaches and fellow-athletes at home. You will also be able to play back the entire event or just settle with high lights if you want..

Copenhagen Open is open for track and field!

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Monday 30th of January

Spordikool Fortis from Estonia has reported to arrive 30 athletes strong! We welcome our Estonian athletics friends!



Sunday 27th of november

The Copenhagen Open 2017 eventpage has been opened!